Coming 2021!


You love marketing. You love your craft. It’s a magical job that is both art and science where each day brings new and unexpected challenges. You get to think critically and work with your peers to solve new problems and, if successful, you’ll introduce new people to your organization. You can see the difference you’re making and it’s real. But as a professional marketer, you are also constantly battling three recurring problems that keep you from reaching your potential–optics, justification and change. These three can drain your energy, and you don’t have the luxury to allow them to distract you from your mission and objectives. 

The stakes are high, competition is fierce and time is short. If you fail to prepare for these problems, then it’s game over. You’ve lost your credibility and, in many cases, you will be replaced by someone else perceived to be better that comes in with “the answers.” The tenure of marketing’s most senior executive is the lowest of the c-suite and even the title of CMO is under question. What do you do? How do you survive?

You need to counteract these problems and stabilize your marketing. You need a new and strong agenda that you own which will specifically anticipate these problems and prepare you for the known unknowns. The 30 rules in this book will help you prepare yourself and your team for success.

You’ve got a marketing plan, right? Great, that’s not what’s in this book. You have dozens and dozens of models and frameworks. Good, you won’t get another one here. Instead, you’ll get what you need. And you need to understand these three problems, measure where you are most at risk and take action to mitigate the damage they can cause. It’s time to stabilize marketing and become more effective, scalable and predictable.