I’m currently working on a book titled Brand, Demand & Expand: A strategic and practical playbook for building a modern marketing engine.

This book is for c-suite executives with an affinity for marketing, lofty company growth goals, and are at the early stages of building or rebuilding their marketing organization. It’s a tool for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CMOs to better outline what it takes to acquire the right people, establish the processes, leverage the latest technology, launch a campaign into the market, amplify the message, and measure everything. It provides details into what it takes regarding people, time, and money to build a modern, best-in-class marketing organization that will deliver a strong brand, custom content, and marketing qualified leads into your sales pipeline. The goal of this book is to take months off the timeline of a new marketing organization that is in the process of “figuring it out” by giving them a battle-hardened approach to marketing.

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